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Amy Chan

Amy Chan is a Wedding Makeup Artist based in Sydney. She is a specialist in Bridal Makeup artistry and considered as one of the best in Asian Makeup Artist in Sydney, Australia. Her skills range from being one of the very few Sydney Wedding Makeup Artist who has trainer qualifications in paramedical beauty specialising in Asian skin, mastering the techniques in Asian Wedding Makeup artistry to writing expert tips for Australia's top wedding and beauty magazines and international bridal blogs. She was recently nominated as the top 10 makeup artist in Australia and was the only Asian stylist in both hair and makeup category.  She will always deliver her personal best for you with service you can trust.

With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, started out in a well known Australian brand, gradually worked her way up to becoming an international trainer for an international paramedical skin company. Amy's extensive knowledge on the skin and human body allows her to go one step further by providing skin consultations to help her clients understand their bodies at a holistic level, and hence looking beautiful from inside out for the big occasion.



| Vincent |

People call him the "Blend Master", creating masterpieces!

Using only the best make-up and tools, Vincent has mastered the art of bringing out all the best features each and every one of you beautiful ladies has to offer.

Your make-up will be sure to last all day long for your special day.