Dried Floral Confetti Cones with Display Stand & Signage

Dried Floral Confetti Cones with Display Stand & Signage

This Floral Confetti Stand is available to be added to any of our existing wedding ceremony bookings/hires. If you would like to purchase the cones and confetti on their own (to be posted to you), please see Dried Floral Confetti Cones.


This set includes 40 biodegradable bamboo pine cones filled with dried organic floral confetti. Each cone will fit about a large handful of floral confetti. 


The price includes:

  • 40 dried organic floral confetti filled bamboo pine cones
  • Displayed on a beautiful rustic wooden 2 tier A-stand
  • Accompanied with a wooden signage saying "When the newlyweds walks your way throw some petals and shout Hooray!"
  • Setup and Styling (only if added on to our wedding ceremony packages)


Extra bamboo cones with floral confetti are an additional $2.00 each.


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