Classic Drink Station (50 Guests)

Classic Drink Station (50 Guests)

Food and drink stations have become really popular these past few years as couples treat their guests to some of their favourite things post-ceremony! Your guests will appreciate the thirst-quenching beverages, especially on a hot day!


Attention to detail is important for every aspect of your wedding, and the way you offer drinks to your guests is no exception. Self-serve drink stations offering juices and infused waters from glass dispensers are sophisticated and allow your guests to help themselves to whatever and as much as they want.



  • Package is for 50 guests. Additional guests are charged at $2.00 per person (see "Optional Upgrades").
  • All displayed on our white or brown trestle table
  • 3 large glass dispensers with 2 varieties of fruit juices and a 1 dispenser of Coca Cola.
  • 1 glass dispenser of plain Spring Water and 1 glass dispenser of fruit infused Spring Water.
  • 10kg of ice bags + an ice bucket with ice scoop.
  • Dispensers will have freshly sliced seasonal fruits and mint leaves through them.
  • 100 plastic tumblers displayed on a beautiful wooden 2-3 tier A-stand tray/crates.
  • Table styling including table decor such as wooden crates, fresh fruits in crates, fresh greenery and wooden signage.
  • Up to 2 hours - commences 30 minutes before ceremony start time until 30 minutes after the ceremony.
  • Additional Delivery, Setup, Cleaning, Pack-down and Collection charges apply if hiring on its own without a wedding ceremony package.


Optional Upgrades:

  • Additional guests are an extra $2.00 per person.
  • 20L Galvanise metal tubs on stand with extra ice: $40.00 each
  • Optional 2 x large white market umbrellas: $100.00 pair
  • Upgrade to 100 deluxe disposoble champagne chutes or wine glasses for $50.00 per 100 cups.
  • A beverage staff for $120.00 per hour to serve non-alcoholic drinks to your guests.
  • An RSA accredited beverage staff $200.00 per hour to serve alcoholic drinks to your guests.