Zero Waste Drinks Station

This product is no longer available.

Our popular Zero Waste Drinks Station is a thoughtful addition to a ceremony, and a stylish yet practical solution for a reception - or any party! Includes compostable cups and straws, water, and soft drinks.  

*We can not serve alcohol, however, we can provide ice buckets and, glassware stands and even cocktail stations - you just add the alcohol. Ask about our BYO upgrade.     

Treat your guests to some of your favourite things post-ceremony! Your guests will appreciate the thirst-quenching beverages, especially on a hot day. Attention to detail is important for every aspect of your wedding, and the way you offer drinks to your guests is no exception. Self-serve drink stations offering juices and infused waters from glass dispensers are sophisticated and allow your guests to help themselves to whatever and as much as they want.

Includes:  Package is for 50 guests. 

Additional guests are charged at $3.00 per person. 

All displayed on our white or brown trestle table 

3 large glass dispensers with 2 varieties of fruit juices and a 1 dispenser of Coca Cola, or 3 varieties of fruit juice 1 glass dispenser of plain Spring Water and 1 glass dispenser of fruit infused Spring Water. drinks served cold and with ice Disposable cups & straws - all compostable & disposed of accordingly Cream bins with compostable bin liners Table styling  Up to 2 hours - commences 30 minutes before ceremony start time until 30 minutes after the ceremony. Rubbish removed from the site Additional Delivery, Setup, Cleaning, Pack-down and Collection charges apply if hiring on its own without a wedding ceremony package.    Optional Upgrades:  Additional guests are an extra $3.00 per person. BYO alcohol set up availible, including galvanised tubs full of ice, champaign glass  hire & cleaning, stands and set up.